Benefits of Being Bilingual

Cognitive benefits:

Bilingual people can have some specific advantages in thinking. They have two or more words for each idea and object. Hence, a bilingual person can develop a creative thinking and an ability to think more flexibly. Those fluent in more than one language are aware about which language should be spoken with which person in a particular situation. Therefore, they are more sensitive to the needs of the listener than monolinguals. Being bilingual has a positive effect on intellectual growth. It enhances and enriches a person’s mental development. Latest research has proved that bilinguals are better at IQ tests as compared to monolinguals.

Character advantages:

Bilinguals are able to switch between different languages and talk to different people in various languages. It increases a sense of self-esteem. Being bilingual creates a powerful link to different people from different countries.

Curriculum benefits:

A bilingual education offers better curriculum results. Research has proved that bilinguals tend to show a higher performance in examinations and tests. People who are fluent in two languages often find it easier to learn and speak additional languages.

Communication advantages:

Bilinguals can understand and appreciate literature in various languages. It gives a deeper knowledge of different ideas and traditions. It helps improve ways of thinking and behaving. The pleasure of reading poetry, novels and magazines as well as the enjoyment of writing to family and friends are doubled for bilinguals.

Cultural advantages:

Bilingualism offers an access and exposure to different cultures. Knowledge of different languages offers a treasure of traditional and contemporary sayings, idioms, history and folk stories, music, literature and poetry in different cultures. Due to a wider cultural experience, there is a greater tolerance of differences in creeds and customs.

Employment benefits:

Being bilingual offers potential employment benefits. It offers a wider choice of jobs in various fields. Bilinguals can get prosperous career opportunities in the retail sector, transport, tourism, administration, secretarial work, public relations, marketing and sales, banking and accountancy, translation, law and teaching.